A caver swims through the cold 'Pseudo Siphon'


Impressive cliffs rise over 1,000 metres above Grenoble. The Autrans valley can be seen behind the cliffs.


Hall of the Thirteen.


A geologist investigates the sediment layers at the top of the ‘Grand Canyon’.

The long awaited Gouffre Berger – L’esprit d’equipe is now available to purchase at £40. With over 250 pages and over 100 high quality photographs it takes the reader on a guided tour to the bottom of the fantastic Gouffre Berger cave in the Vercors, France. Discovered only days before Hillary and Tenzing summited Mount Everest in 1953, within three years the Berger became the first cave to be explored beyond the magical -1,000m establishing it as the deepest cave in the world.

The book’s title, Gouffre Berger – L’esprit d’equipe (team spirit) is in recognition of the support from the many cavers, non-cavers, caving clubs and speleological associations from around the world who have been involved in the project and supported our aims of supporting cavers into the future. If you were on any of the photographic trips between 2010 and 2013 then you are acknowledged in the book.

About the Book

Mark Wright and Robbie Shone with considerable support from Chris Blakeley and a small group of dedicated assistants undertook seven visits to the Gouffre Berger photographing their way down the caves many deep pitches and through its vast underground caverns and deep lakes. The book provides past visitors with an excellent showcase of its most significant features and will hopefully inspire future visits to this magnificent cave system. It provides a history of the cave’s exploration together with valuable information for those planning a visit. It features chapters by eminent geologist Tony Waltham, Graham Naylor, inventor of the Nicola communication system and Jean Lavigne, one of the caves original explorers and who, in 1956 with Fernand Petzl, led the first International explorers to its terminal sump at -1,122m.

Award winning photographer Robbie Shone’s impeccable eye for a stunning interpretation of our underground world reveals, for cavers and non-cavers alike, the mysterious darkness of a cave richly interwoven with a history of great camaraderie, adventure and true exploration.

Ghar Parau Foundation
& Association Nicola

All profits from the sale of the book will support the work of the Ghar Parau Foundation (GPF) and the Association Nicola. The GPF is a UK charity funding UK caving expeditions with the emphasis on exploration through the awarding of grants. The Association Nicola is a French charity which, following two fatalities in the Gouffre Berger in 1996, developed a through rock communication system to try and ensure cavers deep within the Berger system do not enter hazardous areas and become trapped by floodwater when surface conditions deteriorate. Under constant development, the communication system is now used extensively by volunteer cave rescue teams and expeditions all over the world.

If you would like to be a part of this exciting project, order your copy of Gouffre Berger today by clicking the PayPal button and help support the future of exploration and underground communications around the world.

Offical Launch -
Hidden Earth 2014

Following the highly successful launch of the book at this year’s Hidden Earth Conference in Leek on the 27th September, over £11,000 has already been donated to the Ghar Parau Foundation and the Association Nicola.

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